Since its founding in 1998, Raiter has been providing quality tutoring, foreign language training (including corporate clients) and preparing students for competetive examinations and entrance tests.

Our center helps pupils to prepare for school subjects, for tests, state exams, centralized exams, re-examinations, school transfer exams and entrance examinations at secondary schools, colleges and institutions of higher education.

Raiter provides training for all clients in all major languages such as English, Latvian, Russian, Swedish and German. For pupils, students and other clients interested we offer tutoring services in English, Mathematics, Chemistry, Physics, Biology, Economics, History, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Natural Sciences, Latvian, German, Russian, Swedish as well as a wide variety of other languages.

Tutoring can be done individually or in small intimate groups. All tutoring can be arranged depending on convenience. We also take pride in preparing pupils (6, 9 and 12 grade pupils) and other clients interested in sitting for centralized exams, state exams and other entrance examinations in all subjects to get into higher education.

Our goal is to help everyone to master skills in foreign languages and students finish their academic year successfully and be more prepared for higher education!

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